“If you can’t deliver and sell your song standing alone on a stage, with one mic, one spotlight and one instrument, then you’re not an entertainer and it’s not a song.”

– David Lee Roth


Although recorded music remains the goal of every musician and singer, the market for CDs, downloads and streams isn’t nearly as lucrative as it once was. Today, recorded music is merely the calling card which leads to better revenue streams – live performances, publishing and merchandising. And since recorded music is just the memorializing of a live performance, it is the live performance that is the most important aspect of any musical career. Having spent over 40 years working solely in the area of live performance, I believe that this is where the young musician and singer needs to focus.  

Young singer/songwriter/performers who are aspiring to make their mark in Nashville need to be ready for two events: The 20-30 minute showcase and the eventual Radio Promo Tour. I have extensive experience in both areas and a curriculum for both.

A great introduction to all of this is my current book – The Singer/Songwriter Rule Book: 101 Ways To Help You Improve Your Chances Of Success. It’s available on Amazon in digital and print for $10. You can learn more about the book and how it can get you started on your successful singer/songwriter career by clicking on the BOOKS button at the top of this page.

I take clients through every aspect of what they will need to do to make their live show successful – from song arrangement, to set list strategies, to mic techniques, to stage entrance and exit, to between-song patter, to stage placement, to wardrobe, to audience connections, and all the other minutiae of putting together an entertaining show.