Accolades for Larry’s 101 WAYS book:

“If I’d read even a quarter of Larry’s book when I was starting out I’d have saved myself a heap of time and trouble.” Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits

“Even successful artists should read the book to remember their road to success.” – Dan Weiner, Paradigm Talent Agency

“Larry has an unparalleled gift for developing new talent to fully realize their potential both artistically and professionally.” – Nick Light – SVP Artist Development – Sony Music / RCA Records

I wrote this as a follow-up to “The Twelve Lessons of Rock ‘N’ Roll” because I realized that there was so much more to pass along, not only to those just at the beginning their careers, but also to those who might be well established but perhaps have reached a plateau and are thinking about reassessing what steps they may have missed along the way.


The book specifically addresses the needs of the solo singer/songwriter because in today’s fragile, fragmented music business there are only two or three surefire ways in which you can at least make a living – live shows, merch and publishing. To that end, if you write and own (or at least control) your own songs and play out a lot accompanying yourself on piano and guitar, with a good assortment of merchandise at your shows and online, and you own the arrangements and masters of your recordings, then you’ve got most of your revenue bases covered. Plus you can travel lightly and avoid all of those ugly band meetings.

The path to learning how to become a great singer/songwriter as well as a performer and, ultimately, an entertainer is best taken with instruction along the way, i.e., vocal coaches, guitar and piano teachers, movement classes, and such. There are plenty of professionals in those areas in every city and town who can assist the aspiring singer/songwriter to achieve a level of competent performance – the ability to sing and play your own songs and to perform with some semblance of confidence.

But performing is not necessarily entertaining. There’s a huge gap between standing in one place on a stage, strumming a guitar, and singing into a microphone (performance), compared to actually having the expertise to communicate with an audience (entertainment). The audience has not come just to marvel at your musical, vocal or songwriting abilities, but rather the audience came to be entertained.

Your ability to entertain an audience is the key to getting them to come back to see you again and bring their friends. All of the radio, publicity and social networking in the world are of little to no value if your live show doesn’t push any buttons in the hearts and minds of an audience on a nightly basis.

There are a couple of ways to learn how to move up from being just a performer to becoming an entertainer. The hard way is to play out in as many places as you can in your hometown and, eventually, regionally and nationally, and learn by doing. You try stuff out, fail, try again, and learn. It will take at least five years to get to a place where you can consistently entertain an audience using this method.

OR you could read this book and then hire an experienced live performance coach to show you what works and doesn’t work, thereby eliminating years of trial and error. To be qualified to work with a singer/songwriter, a live performance coach would have to have been a performer for a number of years, mainly in the rock/pop/folk music genres. And he or she should have at least an equal number of years working with singer/songwriters and rock bands in the areas of performance and professional presentation. Extensive hands-on knowledge of music theory, guitar and piano, staging, touring, publishing, songwriting, record companies, radio and press, and other music-related areas would also be beneficial, if not mandatory, for well-rounded and informed career advisement.

Naturally, I suggest scrolling around my website for further insight as to how you could transform your performing career into something way more entertaining and successful.

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Backed up by true stories about rock ‘n roll stars on tour as told by some guy who happened to be there at the time.


In an era where records, radio, press and TV don’t matter as much anymore, songwriting and live performance are everything. And the art and craft of songwriting and performing haven’t changed. That’s what this book is all about.

Those who do not learn from the mistakes of those who went before are doomed to repeat them, or something like that. After ten years playing in bar bands, five years tour managing, and 20+ years at a major record label working with a hundred or so rock stars and newbies, I accumulated a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in the areas of songwriting, live performance and career moves in the music biz. That’s what this book is all about.

What are the critics saying? “EXCELLENT AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!” – Sandy Kenyon, Entertainment Reporter, WABC-TV, Ch. 7, New York

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